Ingredient Requirements

Element Bars only stocks natural, preservative free ingredients. We commit ourselves to making whole food products with ingredients that you can pronounce.

Ingredient Information

Element Bars’ stocked ingredients stay true to food the way nature intended it to be. We stock everything from apples to quinoa for you to include in your bars. Developing a formula with our stocked ingredients is your best bet since we are able to order them in bulk from our suppliers and these ingredients have functioned well in bars we have previously made.

We only source our ingredients from FDA registered and GMP audited suppliers and we work with local growers whenever possible. Our apple-juice sweetened blueberries come directly from their growers in Michigan.

Element Bars works with a variety of suppliers to stock over 50 all-natural ingredients including:



Nuts & Seeds




Specialized Ingredients

If you wish to use an ingredient that we don’t currently source, you have two options.

The first option is to sign on to a one month consulting agreement with us and we will work to find suppliers that source the ingredients you are searching for. Our ongoing relationships with suppliers may help us get you the best deal on your specialized ingredients under the consulting agreement.

The second option is for you to source and provide the ingredients. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for the ingredients in both cases. You will be charged to store any specialized ingredients for $50 per pallet of ingredients per month. If you produce over 250,000 bars with us, we will source and store your specialized ingredients free of charge.

Conditions for Customer-Provided Ingredients

1. Customer provided ingredients must be GRAS. It can fall under FDA GRAS, meaning the FDA generally recognizes them as safe. You may also self-affirm GRAS in the event that the supplier evidences the safety of their ingredients with appropriate documentation.

2. The specialized ingredients must come from a GMP inspected and audited facility. If you plan on grinding peanuts or opening a tub of chocolate chips before they are sent to us, we can’t use them in your bar.

3. The ingredients need to have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for a test run completed by the supplier for yeast, mold, and contaminants.

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